The Truth About Untruth

“Every single fucking thought is untrue. Every single one man… If I really look there is absolutely nothing I can say for certain…They are just interpretations based on past experiences.

They are simply not true. Just guesses based on sensory input and memory. They can’t tell me what’s actually true.

I feel like every word that comes out of my mouth is a lie.

Not just me… everybody. We’re all insane.”


Yet, you say that with a lot of certainty.

What is “untrue” about a thought? A thought to me is just a form of expression like any other. Like art or music. What is untrue about art? What is untrue about music?

The piece of art or the piece of music exists. You see it. You know it is true. Similarly, the thought. It exists. It has occurred. You know the thought is true.

Da Vinci drew figures that were proportionate and symmetrical. Picasso drew figures that were distorted and disproportionate. Escher drew figures that defied all reason. Whose painting was true and whose, untrue?

It all depends on what purpose each of these forms of expression serves for you.

If a painting is about artistic expression for you then you will perceive the truth within it regardless of how distorted or undistorted it may be. But if the painting is meant to be a complete and accurate representation of “truth” and “reality” for you, then every painting, no matter how accurate it attempts to be, will ultimately fall short. Because the painting is simply a point of view on reality, not reality itself.

The map is not the territory. This is not the fault of the map, nor is it the fault of the territory. It is the fault of those who cannot distinguish between the two.

If I give your friend a slice of decadent chocolate cake and I give you a photograph of a slice of decadent chocolate cake, will you try and eat the photograph? And after chewing on the photograph for a while will you spit it out and exclaim – this photograph is a fake!!! It simply isn’t true!

It’s not a fake. It’s a real photo of a cake. It’s just not a real cake. But no one ever said it was a cake. That was an assumption YOU made.

The thought is not the experience. The word is not the phenomenon. It is your assumption that thoughts and words ARE reality rather than simply snapshots of it. They are conscious expressions, some distorted others less distorted, yet each true representations of the minds that have spawned them.

When a Bible-thumping conservative stands on a soapbox and preaches about hellfire and damnation – are his words untrue? They are untrue if I need his words to be a complete and accurate representation of reality. But if I don’t, then they are true. They are a true and honest expression of the point of view he lives in and occupies. And whether I appreciate his expression or not is a matter of taste.

When a child writes a letter to Santa Claus for Christmas – are her words untrue? They are untrue if I need her words to be a complete and accurate representation of reality. But if I don’t, then they are true because they are a true and honest expression of her own point of view on reality.

Even scientists, whose job it is to most accurately and objectively model the nature of reality – are their words untrue? Yes, of course they are, if I need their words to be a complete and accurate representation of the truth as a whole. Because their point of view is limited only to what is seen and knows very little about what is “seeing” and how the two relate. But if I don’t, then even the scientific view is true because it is a true and honest expression of a predominantly materialistic lens on reality.

Every point of view, is a model of reality NOT reality itself. Being unable to discern between a model and the real thing doesn’t indicate that there is a problem with the model.

Yesterday, in her kindergarten, my daughter stuck four pieces of origami paper together with tape into the form of a square, taped a piece of string at the end and tried to fly her “kite”. She was disappointed it wouldn’t fly. I explained to her that just because it “looks like” a kite doesn’t mean it is one. She didn’t quite get this at first. So, I said, let’s say you make a bicycle out of origami, can you ride it? She say, nope. How about if you make a pizza out of origami, can you eat it? She shakes her head vigorously and laughs. Then, why do you think that something that “looks like” a kite should “act like” a kite?

Why should a thought about reality, be “true like” reality? The thought is true like a thought. It does what a thought is designed to do: evoke something – another thought, an emotion, an action of some kind. And if it is doing that it’s being true to its purpose.

Expecting the thought to be reality is like my daughter expecting her “kite” to fly. And your frustration is like her frustration. STUPID KITE! DOESN’T FLY! I HATE KITES! ALL KITES ARE DUMB!

What can I say? Kites are not dumb. And thoughts are not untrue. You are standing on your map and expecting to travel the world.

All the words I express here. All the thoughts that have been contained in the 170+ articles I’ve written here: do I consider them to be TRUTH?? Of course not! They are an expression of my mind. They are true expressions of the point of view I occupy. But truth is beyond anything I say about it. I am looking at it as we speak. And it is beyond fathomable yet starkly simple and evident.

You are frustrated because you need your thoughts to be your eyes, your ears, your nose, your skin, your tongue, your heart. How can they be? They are just thoughts.

When you understand that thoughts are true as thoughts, objects are true as objects, emotions are true as emotions, perceptions are true as perceptions, people are true as people – then you will also understand how everything is as it should be. Everything is already true as itself.

And that is what the “truth” is.

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