The Greatest Show

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating…

What if you knew this was your last day? That you’ve run out of time. That there’s a certain end on the horizon.

There’s no time left: to find that perfect love, to achieve the recognition and fame, to hit the jackpot, to become enlightened. What you have and what you are is as good as it’s ever going to get. Does that then imply that your life has become meaningless?

And if you answer “yes”, did you ever live a day which you knew with absolute certainty was NOT going to be your last? Did the only meaning you found lie in the “promise of tomorrow”? And if that tomorrow had arrived, what would have been so different about it when compared to THIS day? Would it not also have been devoid of meaning since “meaning”, by your definition, lies in the “promise of tomorrow”?

And if you answer “no”, if you say that even in the absence of “the perfect love” or “great fame” or “financial success” or “enlightenment”, your last day is still pregnant with meaning ; if you declare this to be true, then what do any of those words even mean?

If, on your last day, you are able to love this life for what it is, no matter how brief, what “perfect love” could compare?

If, on your last day, you are able to bear witness and be present to all of life, what greater “recognition” could you aspire to?

If, on your last day, you are filled with a sense of gratitude for what you have been privileged to experience, what “success” could even come close?

If, on your last day, you are able to look upon life in its bare simplicity and marvel at how remarkable yet unfathomable it is, what “enlightenment” could even hold a candle to such a vision?

On the last day, when there is no time left for improving, for achieving, for seeking or finding, it all becomes dead simple:

What you are, is all you are going to be. What you have, is all you are going to have. And what THIS is, is all it is going to be.

This is freedom.

And if freedom can be so evident on your last day, then why not on THIS day?

For even if tomorrow were to come, isn’t this the last time you will ever live THIS day? Isn’t this your last TODAY?

Perfect love, great success, fame and enlightenment are the hollow goals that deny us the very experience we crave. And that is the experience of being ALIVE. Even a single moment fully lived exposes these goals for the vacant enterprises they actually are.

But we feel we are undeserving. We feel we must somehow “earn” our right to exist. And so we turn time into a currency with which we hope to PAY our way to freedom. But who is there to pay? And who will accept our currency?

What are you seeking? And what do you hope to find?

Can you not see the giant production the entire universe has had to orchestrate over 13 billion years in order for you to experience just THIS moment right here? With a stage that spans millions of light years. With a cast of trillions of species. With over 7.5 billion storylines running concurrent to your own.

Is the bizarre miracle of this somehow “underwhelming” to you? Is the incredible scale of it not stimulating enough for you? Is the fact that YOU are standing here right now and bearing witness to the entire ancient history of ALL existence encapsulated in a single ordinary moment, somehow not “awe-inspiring” enough for you?

You have a front row seat to the greatest show the universe has ever put on. And instead of watching it, you are busy scanning the program to see what the next act is going to be about!

Snap out of it!

Right here, right now is where the whole show’s taking place. You don’t get to skip it and then ask others to fill you in on what you’ve missed!

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