Line In The Sand

“I have only one question that stays with me post after post. It seems to me (and I might be wrong and projecting) that you are not appreciating the existence of a variety of true or fake (and everything in between) teachers, gurus or other wise people who are taking followers on all sorts of journeys and practices and rituals towards nowhere (if I understood the meaning of your writing) and it is as if you write to this ‘you’ (the reader?) who needs to be saved from the disappointment that might arise while engaged with finding whatever one seeks to find.

Do you think that if you had read something similar with your writings before you started on your journey/path of spiritual seeking (and experienced all sorts of ups and downs and disappointments in the process) would you have still arrived with the felt personal experience and knowledge to this spot of understanding and write about it so beautifully that we, at least some of your readers, appreciate so full-heartedly?”

It’s a good question.

Just because one is able to draw benefit from certain experiences, doesn’t mean that those experiences are beneficial by nature. If some gangster swindles me and my family of all our money, I may learn to become wiser about how I handle my money and whom I trust it with. But that doesn’t mean I will recommend people to deal with gangsters. This is a simple logical fallacy that many people make.

Gurus to me are kind of like drug dealers. And some people experiment with all kinds of drugs and become addicted and may eventually rehabilitate and be much wiser for it. But that doesn’t mean drug dealers are beneficial by nature.

So, we have to willing to draw a line between what “may be of benefit” and what is “beneficial by nature”. Just because the world has learned a lot from the experience of the current American President, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t protest his policies, for example.

15 years ago if I’d read what I write now, I would have dismissed it as nonsense. It would not have made sense to “that” me. So, I’m sure there are plenty who come across my writings and say, “this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and leave. If someone sticks around and is drawn towards reading my stuff, there must be something within them that is ready to listen. Something within them that feels something similar, senses something is fishy with the culture they are in but are as yet unable to articulate it to themselves. It may still be foggy.

Added to that, is the pressure to conform by the culture itself. It’s a form of gaslighting that happens where individuals begin to second guess the questions and red flags that show up in their own minds.

If this was a culture that had its fair share of vocal critics, like politics (say, where there are plenty of checks and balances in place to hold authorities accountable for their words and actions), I may have chosen to take a more moderate approach. But it isn’t. There is hardly anyone in this industry speaking in a common sensical way and addressing the many rational doubts people have, articulately and intelligently.

When a culture goes THIS rotten, where absolutely anything goes and corruption is rampant, the rare voice of opposition that emerges must be unequivocally confident and be willing to draw a line in the sand. Any ambiguity in approach immediately dilutes the effect and turns the criticism into just another intellectual musing and nothing more. It does nothing to jolt those people, who are on the cusp, into a state of sober thinking.

Do I believe all teachers are evil? No. Do I think absolutely no one can receive any benefit from at least some teacher in their life? I think depending on where one is, there may be a certain benefit, sure. But do I agree with this culture that institutionalizes co-dependency and promotes narcissists who claim ultimate authority and knowledge without ever being held accountable for their words or actions? Absolutely not.

The readers who can benefit from this page, already have a certain amount of maturity and will not take my words as gospel but rather will take them with a grain of salt and make their own minds up. And the ones who do swallow what I’m saying without discretion, have nowhere to get with me. I am not interested in pandering to anyone’s need to be validated. Nor do I need their attention for validation. Soon enough they’ll move on because there just isn’t enough emotional feedback that I’m providing to satisfy their needs or wants. They’ll find someone else who gives off that kind of vibe.

So, I’m not worried about how people interpret me. My words will land where they have to and in the way they have to. And they will miss entirely when and how they have to.

It’s not about the words for me. I trust myself. And only those who respect the vibe I’m giving off will understand the essence of what I’m communicating.

No matter the type of addiction, the only kind of addict who willingly comes to rehab is the kind that already knows that their addiction is a problem…

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