Shiv Sengupta is the author of this website.

Through this blog he shares his own experience of life, loss, awakening, disenchantment and eventually integration. His focus in sharing his thoughts is simply to inspire others to GET REAL. To snap out of the fantasy world of gurus, teachings, lineages and groupthink that make up the spiritual marketplace. To encounter life raw and uncensored.

He will be soulful, he will crack you up, he will be philosophical, he will rant and rave, he will be honest and heartfelt, he will swear like a fucking sailor. Whatever it takes to sift through the bullshit and cut to the chase.

His sole focus here is truth. The truth of him, the truth of you, the truth of what this is. It’s all the same truth.

And if you are willing to meet him there, the two of you are going get along famously.